Call-only ads: why use them for your google ads campaign?

Call-only ads allow you to pay only when a prospect calls you. Find out more about the benefits of this campaign format, as well as best practise tips in this article.

Call-only ads

This type of campaign is only available on mobile channels and is designed to generate a call to your company’s switchboard when a user clicks on your ad. This is accomplished through the use of a call button that can be accessed directly from the ad.

call-only ads

In an era of high call volumes, choosing this ad format allows users to reach you quickly without having to navigate your website to find your phone number, and it provides an additional way to communicate and engage with the business.

Prospects do, in fact, prefer to communicate via phone. According to a Google study, 70% of people who search for information on their mobile phone call a business directly from the results page.

Call-only ads are a direct call to action, either to call you or to visit your website, as they also include a clickable button that leads to a specific page on your website.

You can now include a new “Visit Website” link below the description. You must add the desired URL to a new or existing ad to include a site link.

Customers are directed to your website when they click on the “Go to website” link in your ad. When you press the title, you will always get a call.

Call-only ads advantages

First and foremost, it is critical to understand that the display of this feature is completely free! You only pay when someone clicks on your ad.

Second, adding a link relieves the pressure of call volume, resulting in more qualified leads and fewer so-called “accidental” calls. When you know how difficult it is to manage call volume, this is an advantage.

Clicks on call-only ads generate direct calls to your company, allowing you to communicate directly with your prospects; these calls are counted as conversions.

You can also specify that your ads only appear during business hours.

How to create call-only ads?

Follow those steps to create call-only ads:

Login to your Google Ads account.
In the left-hand menu, select “Campaigns.”
Select “New Campaign” after clicking the “More” button.
Choose “Sales or Leads” as the objective (you can also choose a campaign with no defined objectives).
Choose “Search Network” as the campaign type;
Then, check the box “Phone calls” and enter your phone number (located under the box “Indicate how you intend to achieve your goal”).
At the top of the page, click Continue to enter the name of your campaign;

Select “No” on the “Add Display Network” form (remember that call-only ads are not displayed on this network);
Choose your target and fine-tune your bidding options.
Indicate your daily budget and any other parameters you want to apply to your campaign.
Finally, remember to save!

Call-only ads good practices

These specific advertisements should be placed after careful consideration, and they should be optimised as much as possible in order to be effective.

Use targeted keywords

To reduce the number of unnecessary phone calls, we recommend targeting very specific keywords with safer keyword targeting to ensure your ads reach highly qualified users for maximum engagement.

Your keywords should target people with a specific intent, so choose keywords from your audience that are more likely to convert and are interested in being directed to a phone call.

Ads must be written correctly in order to generate calls.

Your call-only ads must be worded differently than your regular text ads: they must encourage people to call you. As a result, consider scheduling the broadcasting of your ads so that the Internet user does not end up on your answering machine.

Do you want to set up call-only ads or another Google ads campaign? Our experts are ready to assist you! Do not hesitate to contact our PPC agency.