Display advertising agency

Get supported by a display advertising agency to activate and accelerate your digital growth. 

Our objective: to achieve, maintain and optimise your business objectives.


Controlled investment / rentability goal

Develop a qualified audience

Increase conversion and engagement rates

Increasing the return on investment

Primary display advertising levers

Our display advertising agency use Google Ads, Native Ads, Social Ads, and YouTube Ads. When the Display advertising levers are activated, you can reach Internet users at the top of the conversion funnel, during the discovery or consideration phase. The devices we create enable you to make them aware of your products, introduce them to your brand, and start a conversation with them. The Google Display Network (GDN) reaches 80% of internet users. It is a network of partners, managed by the Google advertising network, made up of thousands of sites that authorise the display of Google Ads on their pages as part of the AdSense and Ad Exchange programmes. The Display network allows for the display of text ads or visual ads (banners or videos). We design strategies and devise tactics to deliver your Display campaign to your target audience at the right place and time. To find out more, contact our local Display advertising agency in Edinburgh.


This solution enables advertisers to serve ads on Display Network websites, applications, and web pages that are selected based on specific editorial content and identified by a pre-determined list of themes and keywords.


This solution enables you to display your ads on sites whose content is relevant to your target and has been identified through a thematic selection.

Display marketing themes

This solution enables you to display your advertisements on web pages, applications, or videos that deal with specific topics. Those that are of interest to your prospective customers and prospects.

Smart Display

By combining bids, automatic targeting, and automatic ad creation, you can display your ads in almost all available formats.

Display advertising agency - monitoring and reporting

Data interpretation is critical for achieving the best results and optimising the performance indicators chosen with your goals. We are also a web analytics agency and therefore use the most cutting-edge solutions for data recording, analysis, and reporting. 

For more information, contact your local Display advertising agency in Edinburgh.

Google Tag Manager

A Tag, also known as a Balise, is a piece of code that is embedded in a web page and allows you to track the behaviour of visitors as well as the sources of conversions (paid advertising, natural linking, and articles). The Google Tag Manager solution ensures that your site’s audit is complete and accurate by aggregating all of your tags into a single container: Google Ads, Google Analytics, Bing Ads, Facebook Ads, Linkedin Ads…

Google Search Console

This high-performance solution enables the collection, organisation, and sharing of tracking-related data (traffic, behaviours et conversions). We create custom boardroom tables to inform your strategic decisions and budgetary decisions.

Google Analytics

This powerful web analytics solution allows you to collect, record, and analyse general audience behaviour on your website, as well as concerning predefined goals – KPIs.

Google Data Studio

This high-performance solution enables the collection, organisation, and sharing of tracking-related data (traffic, behaviours et conversions). We create custom boardroom tables to inform your strategic decisions and budgetary decisions.

Display advertising agency - our methodology

Obtaining your goals necessitates the ongoing involvement of experienced consultants. Particularly in today’s increasingly competitive digital markets. Our team will assist you in identifying growth levers and developing the most effective and long-term acquisition strategies. 

Consult your Display marketing agency in Edinburgh for more information.

Determine your growth levers

Integrate your business objectives, understand your business, its specificities, your target, your acquisition history, audit your digital ecosystem, and challenge your strategy to provide you with the most relevant personalised and multi-channel strategic recommendation.

Accelerate your growth

We can go further and faster because of our mutual knowledge! 

Consider alternative strategies, identify new business opportunities, activate new growth levers, and consolidate your performance to achieve the most sustainable growth.

Activate your growth

Deploying the best acquisition systems for your digital ecosystem by going after the target audience where they are, at the best cost and volume, with constant adjustments, in test and learn mode.

Display advertising agency - why choose us?

The selection of your Display Marketing agency is critical to the most profitable activation or acceleration of your growth, as well as optimising the return on your advertising investments on the Google Display Network.

Experienced display advertising agency

Your consultant must have the necessary experience and maturity to comprehend your company’s operations and the challenges it faces. Our consultants have at least 5 years of digital acquisition experience. Curiosity, listening, involvement, innovation, and agility are required to comprehend the nuances of your market and offer, as well as to expect and maintain the best results in increasingly competitive markets. 
Every day, we are guided by these values.

A multidisciplinary display advertising agency

Digitrone Group also specialises in natural referencing, which includes SEO (Search Engine Optimization), Google Ads, and Social Ads. All of these levers work together to achieve your notoriety, traffic, and conversion goals.

Loyal customers

From e-commerce to B2B or B2C service companies to small and medium-sized businesses, our clients are all looking for a human-sized agency with expertise in its field with whom to build a long-term relationship based on transparency and trust.

Is your website not bringing new customers?

Let’s look together to identify areas for improvement