Email Marketing Agency

Our email marketing agency helps you achieve a return on investment three times greater than the one generated with social networks. 

64% of decision-makers say email marketing agency support is the most profitable action. 

The average ROI of email marketing is 3800%. Our affordable and experienced email marketing agency helps you increase your revenue.

Why use an email marketing agency

76% People bought online after receiving a newsletter

The current market’s maturity, the implementation of increasingly stringent anti-spam filters, and the widespread adoption of mobile marketing all compel advertisers to create brand content that is more relevant and personalised.

The email marketing agency Digitrone Group works with SMEs from the definition of their needs to the development of a strategy, with the effectiveness measured at each stage:

The conception of relevant and impactful messages

Your project manager collaborates with an artistic director on the design of visuals tailored to your project. The message display adapts to mobile viewing: colonisation, alignment, typographic size, image dimensions, and so on. 

Do you already have an emailing chart? Existing visuals can be redesigned for new audiences or modes of communication and made mobile-friendly.

Automated email marketing agency

Did you know that welcome messages have up to four times the open rate of a traditional campaign?

Automated emails that are triggered by an event or behaviour of your contacts have very high conversion rates. This is why, in addition to your newsletters and traditional email marketing campaigns, we recommend implementing automated campaigns. This entails creating scenarios or workflows that send cyclical and personalised messages based on the information you know about your contacts (registration date, birthday or last purchase, pages consulted on your website). The data needed to trigger the various stages of the scenario can be sent via an API or through regular exports.

Email marketing key Steps

We build custom website design adapted to your objectives and customers

Creating your emailing strategy

Subscriber base targeting and management

Template graphic and technical design

Email marketing campaign

Automated email marketing

Campaign Reporting