Linkedin: professionals' favourite social network

Launched in 2003, LinkedIn is now the king of social networks for professionals. It is constantly evolving to keep up with the competition. Find out how this platform can boost your brand image and increase the engagement of your community.

LinkedIn is an old network that is being revitalised.

The LinkedIn network now has over 720 million users and over 20 million companies worldwide!

Originally, it was primarily used for job hunting. The network has evolved to resemble the other social networking behemoths. LinkedIn users, for example, are no longer only there to search for jobs, but also to share content, interact with other members and expand their network, monitor different industries, and so on.

For a long time, the platform was regarded as a “passive” network, gathering profiles in the manner of a directory with little content. Today, this vision is changing as the network has evolved while maintaining its professional spirit. LinkedIn is primarily used for professional and business relationships. It attracts companies looking to gain visibility or promote their brand and products, as well as professionals looking to connect with new people and expand their network.

5 advantages of Linkedin for your business

Develops your brand awareness

By optimising your profile to make it more professional and appealing, you will gain credibility, which will entice users to follow you.

Your regular posts will not only reach your contacts but will also reach a larger target audience. Finally, you will gain visibility and build your reputation.

Demonstrates your expertise

LinkedIn, as a professional network, is ideal for showcasing your expertise and skills. By sharing articles and content about your industry or activity, you will demonstrate your expertise and increase your credibility.

An easily accessible network

With over 720 million users, you’re sure to find new customers! Indeed, another advantage of LinkedIn is that it includes a powerful search engine. You can prospect using keywords, location, or company names. As a result, you can narrow your search to find exactly what you’re looking for.

Your network's content

With your LinkedIn company page, you can write articles to share with your network, which adds value to your profile while increasing the visibility of your company.

A wealth of knowledge

LinkedIn is an excellent monitoring tool, allowing you to learn about your prospects, market, and competitors. This way, you can get valuable information about developments and changes directly from companies and experts, allowing you to act accordingly and anticipate certain issues.

What content should be posted on Linkedin?

As you can see, the network’s content has evolved and now includes much more than job postings and CVs. The most popular LinkedIn content is about company life:

  • Introducing your group;
  • The most recent news or company news;
  • Communication about your values and commitments;
  • Presentation of the premises, and so on.

    Users are interested in learning more about the company, and this type of post helps to improve the brand’s image and connect with members. A strong brand image, as well as communicating desired values or commitments, can attract potential future employees, partners, or even customers.

    A variety of formats and content types can not only attract subscribers but also generate engagement.


In addition to posts about your company’s activities, here are some other types of content that drive engagement on LinkedIn:

  • White papers;
  • Videos;
  • Articles are written directly on the platform;
  • The most recent developments in your industry;
  • Tips and tutorials for your target audience

Focus on the company page tool

Having a LinkedIn Company Page is essential, especially on a platform that is popular for B2B transactions.

But what exactly does it entail? LinkedIn Company Pages allow you to present your business in greater depth. You can use the event creation features to keep your network up to date on your company’s news.

What are the advantages of having a LinkedIn Company Page?

  • Improve your natural referencing;
  • Drive traffic to your website;
  • Showcase your expertise;
  • Generate leads;
  • Adhere to your company’s culture;
  • Expand your community…

SMA: Do advertising with Linkedin Ads

LinkedIn Ads is a platform for businesses to advertise on. It can be accessed through the Campaign Manager interface, which allows you to edit your campaigns.

This platform provides a variety of tools for creating advertisements. There are various campaign formats available depending on your goals.

LinkedIn provides various campaign objectives to assist you in determining the format of your campaigns:

  • Increase brand awareness by increasing advertising impressions.
  • Visits to your website: increase traffic to your website.
  • Increase engagement by gaining subscribers and increasing the number of interactions on your posts.
  • Video views: increase the number of people who watch your videos.
  • Conversions on your website: to drive specific action on your website.
  • Collecting email addresses is a good way to start generating leads.
  • Candidates: spread the word about job opportunities.

Text Ads

This ad format appears on the right-hand column of the user’s news feed. Its purpose is to increase your visibility to a target audience.

This type of ad consists of a square image with a short title and a small text presentation. The aim is to bring the audience to a specific landing page.



Display campaigns allow ads to be displayed in a larger format on the right-hand column as well. The size is larger than Text Ads, and the visual is more prominent. The audience will see this ad right next to their news feed, where there is the most traffic.


Sponsored content

This type of campaign enables you to tailor your advertising to a specific community. There are three kinds:

Image: this ad includes a highlighted image with a brief description;
This format can be used to highlight your videos. The duration ranges from 3 seconds to 30 minutes. To keep the user’s attention, we recommend a 15-second format.
Carousel: With this format, you can include up to ten images in a single ad. This format is dynamic because the images will scroll on their own to capture the user’s attention.


Dynamic Ads

These ads are shown based on the person’s profile and activity on their Linkedin profile. As a result, you can modify your message. This type of campaign is available in three formats:

Follower Ad: you entice the user to subscribe to your page.
Spotlight Ad: you encourage users to subscribe to your offers; Job Ad: you automatically target users who are looking for job opportunities.

Sponsored InMail

Because of its high open rate, this format is very popular with advertisers. You can tailor the content to as closely match your target audience as possible. These ads appear in users’ message tabs and are received in the same manner as a private message.

As a result, LinkedIn is not an obsolete network and has a bright future ahead of it. Its community is still growing and sharing content. Over time, LinkedIn has maintained its credibility and professional network. It represents a fantastic opportunity for businesses that must maintain their profile at all costs!

Do you want to set up a LinkedIn SMA strategy? Our experts are ready to assist you! Do not hesitate to contact our social media advertising agency.