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Whighams Wine Cellars Edinburgh Wine & Seafood Bar

In the 21st century, there’s a restaurant around every corner, a cafe nestled on every block, and a bar looming across every street. Safe to say, food connoisseurs, turned entrepreneurs are faced with ever-growing competition. The real question is, what does it take to stand out among the crowd? This is exactly what we helped Whighams Wine & Seafood Bar answer.


In less than 3 months, we helped Whighams wine cellars develop a strong marketing and empower the team to bring back the marketing in-house.  

We don’t just scratch the surface, we get to the bottom of the problem

When started working on this case, we had to factor in Edinburgh’s bustling food scene. Despite Whighams’ tantalizing menu and grade-A service, sales were low which meant that the problem was outside the kitchen. Our analysis revealed that Whighams was losing popularity due to its mismatched reliance on an aging audience. Rather than refine the same targeting strategy, we leveraged innovative tactics to target a new online audience altogether. We decided to focus on social media to attract a younger audience to Whighams while leveraging the power of email marketing and content to increase Whighams’ historic customer base loyalty and lifetime value.

Channeling the power of social media

Whighams experienced a whopping 60% increase in followers, a 250% increase in reach on following accounts, and a 400% increase in reach on accounts that were not following. A series of offers and announcements with striking CTAs and engaging snippets were also introduced to skyrocket website traffic by 163% and post interaction by 400%. Overall, Whighams received 226% new profile visits and an increase of 400% post interaction, building a strong brand awareness within its brand new target audience.

Personalized marketing strategies for the win

We have a reputation to live up to and we never make compromises on the people who work with us. Our approach to increasing brand visibility is rooted in bespoke client orientation. We take our time getting to know your customer, what appeals to them and what makes them say ‘YES!’. Naturally, considering the role of niche mavericks in the world of food curation and cafe hopping, we leveraged influencer marketing to our advantage. Through a highly tailored outreach strategy, we specifically targeted Edinburgh food reviewers who are followed by Whighams’ target to spread the word.

Our influencer strategy participated significantly to the increase of new profile visits and followers, as well as generating 1400 likes, and 120 comments on the local influencers’ Instagram accounts.

But that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

Our Impact on Profitability: Measurable Success Rates

We also designed rewarding email marketing campaigns that not only informed customers about Whighams’ news and ethos, but also educated them about wine and convinced them to spend more at the place.

The result? A 200% increase in event booking page visits, a 300% increase in revenue generated from email, and 10% more sign-ups for wine guides.

Needless to say, the numbers speak for themselves. Our clients deserve nothing short of real results.

The Last Straw Company

As companies continue to grapple with the throes of modern century, coming out on top is a rare advantage not many can enjoy. The world is on its way to complete the online transition. Piece by piece, different companies are coming to terms with the digital revolution, the faster the better. And while it’s easy to suggest that one should simply just leverage the internet. How many actually realize that the internet isn’t as easy as it’s made out to be?

We make social-friendly decisions for you

Amidst the digital chaos, Canada-based company, Last Straw, realized that it needed professional help. Like any other business, they wanted their bottom line to expand. Easier said than done, right?
Well, we disagree. With the right products and a stellar marketing strategy, nothing is impossible. As far as great business ideas as concerned, Last Straw has the best ones yet.
There’s no denying that plastic is the planet’s greatest enemy. It has caused insurmountable distress to animals, humans, and mother nature alike. To rid the Earth of some of this burden, visionaries like the ones behind Last Straw are taking the lead with their amazing reusable products. Regardless, customers of the 21st century are hard to convince if a product is actually worth their purchase. After all, there are just so many options available in the market that it simply isn’t easy to choose.

A FB ads Agency yielding real results

As a FB ads agency, we know that social media is king. People live a different life online – it’s no longer just about waking up and going about your day.
The first thing most people do when they get up in the morning is to check their social feeds. It’s just that important! At Digitrone Group, we help aspiring businesses lift off the ground by using the right kind of social media strategies.
Needless to say, we know how to connect with people. Facebook is enriched with a variety of features that allow business pages to make their mark online. So, when we started working with Last Straw, our experts came up with a solid plan to help them convert more leads.

Success measured by the bottom line

Being a reliable FB ads agency that lives up to its claims, we utilized Facebook ads by promoting brand posts, videos, images, and more.

And not just any ads, we carefully filtered different options, designed the right kind of videos, and managed campaigns in a way that would lead to winning results. This was boosted by our social content marketing strategy that engaged online customers across a variety of fronts.

Moreover, we integrated the social media pages with the company’s e-commerce Shopify store to track KPIs. This gave greater insight into retargeting prospects and propelling them further inside the funnel. So, when it comes to answering how Last Straw managed to gain €14,000 in revenue within just three months of our Facebook ad campaign launch, there’s no mysterious secret. It’s simply the result of our careful strategies that did what they always do, succeed.

Lady Rules

For a women-centric apparel brand to stand out in the crowd might seem easy, but in reality, it’s the exact opposite. Working with Lady Rules has been an amazing experience not just because it has allowed us to push our boundaries as a social media agency, but also that the brand truly offers products worth our time.
lady 2

Bringing a new vision to life

Since the beginning, we knew that Lady Rules could achieve greater things if it had the right team on its side. Naturally, Digitrone Group was ever ready to extend a helping hand.
The company trusted us with brand communications on Instagram, press relations, the creation of website content, product slogans as well as the logistics of their products’ photo shoot.

All these responsibilities presented a great opportunity to outdo ourselves. Thus, the team came together to collaborate on a strategy that would help the company expand in revenue and online presence. Instead of relying on paid methods, we struck to organic communication on Instagram. The platform is known for its pesky algorithm that rarely ever lets new accounts gain popularity but we were determined to prove the odds wrong. So, with a lot of back and forth, professional expertise, and commitment, we managed to bring the follower count up to 16000! That too, only in a few months!

Leveraging the power of influence in the 21st century

Soon, Lady Rules started attracting more attention on the picture-rich platform. Just as we had planned, we got a bunch of collaboration requests from top influencers.
The one with the highest number of followers standing at 2.5M was Jujufitcats. They contacted Lady Rules and offered to partner up for free! That’s when we knew that we were on the right path. As time went by, other verified artists including Joyce Jonathon with 134K followers and Lola Dubini with over half a million slid into the brand’s DMs.
We made sure to use these opportunities wisely and built a continuous stream of profitable relationships that would help Lady Rules gain more visibility. To top it off, it was very important for us to help the brand get the audience it wanted to target – women who stood for empowerment. We used the right hashtags, posted at the right times, created relevant posts, and talked to customers in the comments.

The extra mile

Our creative team members came up with intriguing slogans that didn’t just attract attention, they convinced customers to consider making a purchase. Moreover, press relations were a big part of our overall strategy.
Since our goal was to strengthen communication to create partnerships, we targeted fashion-friendly editors for a feature. By using different social linking platforms, we got the conversation started and finally landed a spot in the summer fashion section of the French Magazine Voici.

Why do we keep making strides in the realm of digital marketing

Digitrone Group is eager to serve a long list of businesses from a variety of different industries. Our coveted team has gone on to prove its’ remarkable capability by helping companies beyond the border and all the way to France, Switzerland, and Scotland reach unbelievable heights.

We’re the kind of digital global agency that cares

Our foundation of trust and transparency has always ensured top-notch customer treatment. We believe in the power of communication and thus, thoroughly collaborate with you before delivering a finalized project. To us, building meaningful relationships with customers in the local community is key. Regardless, we have worked with various organizations in different countries, and yet, nothing comes close to the people of our beloved country, Scotland.

A plethora of projects handled with care

Our experts flaunt an extensive portfolio of promising businesses they have worked with in the past. By leveraging a tailor-made approach to problem resolution, our talented workforce has opened many doors for different clients. Social media is the key to success in the 21st century. Rest assured, our experts have ample technical know-how and expertise that our customers can rely on.


Our experts have had the opportunity to delve into more professional formats and leverage paid ads, conception as well as the Editorial Calendar in ways that paved the CCG’s pathway to online success.


This brand wanted to migrate their e-commerce website. Rest assured, our experts handled everything seamlessly by providing the right redirection URLs to ensuring that all the products were properly transferred.


Our professionals have worked on on-page optimization, curated SERP-friendly titles and meta descriptions, integrated the site with LinkedIn, and created an editorial schedule on the platform.

Our talented experts have set up a streamlined Email sequence for new users, worked for a commercial relaunch, created an engaging questionnaire response format, and much more.


Our professionals have managed Domicim’s proposals for 4 communication campaigns to win over clients as soon as possible. They were deployed to work immediately whereby our professionals took over the design, storytelling, creation of different slogans, and poster/online campaign display.


Friderici sought a laser focus on their LinkedIn presence and needed a guide made from scratch. This company enriched our experts with the capacity to follow provided instructions and ensure that there was no room for more to be desired. Rest assured, they exhibited a stellar SEO optimization plan that helped the company improve its ranking.

La longeraie

A few years ago, this company was looking for individuals to tackle a research-based task and our talented experts took the chance to analyze their results of satisfaction questionnaires directed at hotel guests.


MediaPixel needed an assortment of digital tasks including SEO optimization, social media posts, and communication design for flyer messages. Every aspect of the service was carefully thought out and planned for by our experts before being put into effect.

My Driving School

Our professionals have created eye-catching display campaigns to reel in more customers and ultimately, expand the bottom line for My Driving School.

Optic 2000

Our experts have provided an all-rounding solution to Optic 2000 which included SEO optimization, Google my business articles, blog posts, display campaigns, UX consulting, and site content updates.

Office Med

Through rewarding SEO Optimization capabilities, our professionals have made sure that Office Med gained a better position in relevance to its competition by climbing the rankings on popular search engines.


By optimizing on-page SEO to boost Google ranking and scaling the performance of social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram, our experts made sure that Adent could reap the benefits it deserved. Thus, their editorial planning was topped with a stellar content marketing strategy based on a ‘theme of the month’ format that the customers took well to. To enable better navigation for prospects, they even linked Google Maps to the clinic.


Our professionals have planned, designed, and deployed a bespoke LinkedIn guide on the banking sector for Reyl. This project required ample research-based specialties which they made sure were fully met.


Our experts have worked for Tryba in terms of the improvement of monthly blog articles. These tasks were complemented through stellar SEO recommendations for improving online rankings through organic methods.

Hire our specialists to kickstart your digital transformation

You have a great offer, an amazing workforce and the needed entrepreneurial vigor, but is that enough to set your brand apart? Amazing companies require the right kind of marketing capabilities to skyrocket their success.

At Digitrone Group, you get the industry leading expertise of creative professionals who ensure exceptional results!