Social media advertising services

Social Media Advertising Services for your business. All of your social media advertising campaigns are created and set up by our traffic managers. Facebook Ads, Instagram Ads, Linkedin Ads… we are experts in all of these distribution channels and can help you reach your goals.

Transform your social media into successful customer acquisition channels

Did you know that over 4 million businesses, the vast majority of which are SMEs, use Facebook advertising?

Because of the ease of use and flexibility of social media advertising services, SMEs can quickly gain visibility with a qualified target audience, regardless of their budget.

Working with an agency experienced in social media advertising services allows your company to grow faster and compete with larger competitors.

What is social media advertising (SMA)?

Social media advertising, or SMA, is defined as paying for the distribution of targeted advertising content across various social networks. SMA, which requires no minimum investment, allows advertisers to customise the reach of their promotion based on the budget they have available.

Our clients have obtained answers to the following questions by working with our social media advertising agency on their social media promotions :

Which advertising strategy is best for my company?
How can I get my offer in front of my prospects on social media?
How do I use social media to reach out to potential customers?
Which platform and format of advertising should I use to reach my goals?
What should my social media advertising budget be?
How can I manage and track the effectiveness of my social media advertising?

Traditional advertising vs social media advertising

Depending on the objectives of each company, social media offers various types of advertising.
Social media advertising is designed to strengthen each pillar of your marketing, whether it’s an awareness campaign, a sales campaign, or a loyalty campaign.

Our social network advertising agency will assist you in determining the most appropriate objective based on your market and needs.

Some traditional advertising methods are prohibitively expensive:

Because of its low and flexible costs (£1 is enough to start a campaign) and extremely precise targeting, social media advertising is extremely popular with small and medium-sized businesses.

By strategically implementing these elements with our social media advertising agency, you ensure that your marketing budget is being used optimally and proactively.

5 steps of an efficient SMA strategy

Whether it’s for Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, or Instagram advertising, our social media advertising services will help your company with all the key steps of your social media marketing. As with the most widely used online advertising (Google AdWords), the effectiveness of your social media advertising depends above all on the method with which you prepare it.

Some advertisements will be more appropriate than others depending on the stage of development of your company. Our social media advertising agency will assist you in determining which type of campaign is best suited to your requirements. 

We can assist you in determining which type of campaign is best suited to your requirements, for instance : 

  • Highlighting a post in order to increase visibility
  • Making a promotional banner for sale
  • An engagement campaign to increase the number of likes and shares

Our social media marketing agency analyses the current state of your social networks and determines which opportunities to target with advertising. This stage considers the evolution of your market as well as the public relations efforts of your competitors.

Social media platforms allow you to precisely target the audience you want to reach. 

Our social media advertising consultants assist you in effectively targeting your typical audience based on the following criteria:

  • Geographical location
  • The demographics (age, gender, family status)
  • Psychographic information (interests, lifestyle, employment)
  • Navigational information (pages visited in the past)

This step ensures that your business is focusing on the right prospects.

Our social network agency will assist you in determining the most appropriate budget from among our various price packages based on your objectives and the characteristics of your target audience. 

However, this is not a final step: the management of advertising campaigns on social networks is still fluid. You will be able to adjust your investments in real time based on the performance of your advertising and your satisfaction.

Your campaigns can be launched once your objectives and targets have been defined, as well as your budget. Our social media advertising agency keeps a close eye on all of your advertisements. This enables us to make the best use of your advertising budget. Your social media manager will send you monthly reports containing key indicators to assist you in maintaining or adjusting your strategy.

Our social media advertising agency is well-versed in each platform and will assist you in achieving overall success on social media.

Social media advertising services: why choose us?

Design your advertising campaigns with our team of social media advertising consultants to make your presence on social networks profitable.

Working with Digitrone Group means you’ll have a partner who:

  • Will listen to your specific needs in order to develop advertising campaigns that are completely consistent with your brand’s image and objectives.
  • Implements your advertising campaigns using trustworthy data gathered by certified social media experts.
  •  Its collaboration is based on trust and transparency. Thanks to a management tool that we share with our clients, you will be able to track the progress of your advertising campaigns in real-time. In all cases, you will be the sole decision-maker.

Looking for an agency specialized in social media advertising services?

Tell us about your plans. We will be thrilled to help you set up an efficient social media advertising strategy.