What are the advantages of owning a site for your restaurant?

Attract clients

The web has changed the habits of consumers. More than ever, restaurant customers search the web before deciding. More than one in two people today advertise looking on the internet for a table to eat.
Faced with this observation it seems certain that being present on the web has almost become essential see vital.

Owning a website will allow restaurateurs to attract customers they might not have been able to attract with traditional methods. This is for two reasons: the Internet is a vast field of millions of Internet users and it is easy to target and reach people from all walks of life.

Manage your E-reputation

Owning a website for your restaurant means making sure to manage your image (in part) on the web. The cyber reputation has for several years become the concern of restaurateurs. The web has become the best friend of restaurateurs as well as their worst enemy in some cases…

When you own your website, you are sure to be the first on the web on your brand name. For example, if we type on Google “the table restaurant Edinburgh” it is certain that it is the site of the restaurant of the table that will come out first (and not Tripadvisor and others…). From an E-reputation point of view, this is very good news.
Note that more than 36% of Internet users will click on the first result.

Source: Backlinko


Develop your business

The web is probably the new Eldorado of restaurant owners. With online ordering or home delivery, restaurateurs still have a few growth vectors where they can operate. In addition, as seen previously the web allows to attract and prospect customers that one could not have with the more classical methods. For example, a tourist in Edinburgh will certainly look for a restaurant via the internet. A few years ago this same tourist would have used a backpacker’s guide. Habits change, restaurateurs will have to get used to it…

Creating a restaurant website

There are several solutions to create a website for your restaurant. Some restaurants do this themselves (we strongly advise against it, it is a profession in its own right) and others use web agencies. New turnkey solutions make it possible to own a quality website in a very short time and at very advantageous rates.

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