What are the benefits of search engine marketing?

Create content you can reuse

Creating consistent (and consistent) content is inherent to good search engine marketing. If you limit yourself to using important keywords on your corporate blog, you will see a significant gain, but not as much as you could see if you had set up professional search engine marketing.

Thus, with the time allocated to search engine marketing, you are certain to obtain a return on investment that will be beneficial for other areas of expertise: emailing, generation of prospects, and, of course, benefits your company’s social networks.

Long-term gains that don’t shrink over time

This is one of the main benefits of search engine marketing.

When you create a web page, it is indexed by search engines and will be present as a result in search engine results pages (SERPs) for years to come. So if you write, for example, a blog post (especially if its content remains relevant for a long time) – your few hours of writing and optimization effort will lead you to good visibility for years to come. This is an excellent return on investment!

Long-tail keywords as a targeted traffic search tool

Investing in search engine marketing means that you are probably optimizing your pages in this direction. The famous long-tail keywords!

The term is not barbaric: it simply refers to what the process looks like, a long search term, usually containing three or more terms. And the longer a keyword is (and relevant), the more precise it will be about the chances of being displayed on engine results.

Think of the difference between two search terms, for example, «marketing Edinburgh» and «Market research, consultants and analyses in Edinburgh.»

This second term tells us that the Internet user is looking for several things:

– “consultants”, which specialize in “marketing analysis”, and are located in “Edinburgh”. It’s a wealth of information much richer than a single “short tail” keyword, and it leads to highly targeted traffic to your website. The traffic can then be converted with targeted offers, based on the problems of the researcher (the Internet user), associated with a stage in the sales cycle, or even associated with consumption habits or behaviours on the web.

Moreover, long-tailed keywords are much less competitive than their younger brothers. This way, you will significantly increase the performance of your website.

Incoming links to your website and your E-reputation

One of the aspects of balanced search engine marketing is the generation of inbound links, and one of the ways to achieve this (without having to resort to questionable or even illegal practices) is to offer your services as a guest blogger. What is the advantage?

Obtaining incoming links will also ensure that a social weaving is in place to ensure you have strong relationships with the “heavyweights” in your industry! This will increase your visibility and therefore your visibility and influence.

Search engine marketing benefits local businesses

If you are a physically established local company, you can capitalize on the growth of the internet market in the broad sense (smartphone, tablets, etc.). Mobile “researchers” are generally large consumers of search engines.

This also means that they are also more often close to the point of purchase as it appears. By focusing on local search engine marketing, you can make sure you are the visible leader in local searches. Become, for example, the nearest photocopying centre, the inexpensive place to go for lunch, or simply “the place to be” nearby. By including for example the name of a city or a postal code, know how to take advantage of a local referencing.

Search engine marketing became more accessible

This is not a bad thing Google’s algorithm is getting smarter (we are talking about semantic search). From the Panda update in February of last year to Penguin’s update this year, Google’s algorithm has influenced more and more sites with good semantics and intelligent SEO, to switch «to the trap» many “empty” link farms or sites (i.e. no relevant content).

It is therefore in your best interest to build your site and its content for readers, and not just for engines. Google no longer needs to rely on dirty tricks to realize that your content is poor, see «can», and downgrade you immediately.

And as said at the beginning of the article,  a simple article with rich and quality content does most of the work …

If you are looking for support with search engine marketing so your business thrives thanks to digital, contact our digital Edinburgh agency.